Frēlē Launches! (
So it has been a year since Zillow’s StreetEasy decided to fully embrace its monopolistic market position and take advantage of consumers and agents.  Since then, we have been working on a new website.  So, where are we now?

We are proud to announce a few things:

1. The New Rental Website Frēlē Has Launched!
2. How You Can Use (for free) Frēlē and Leasebreak.

Let’s look at each of these 2 items in more detail.

The New Rental Website Frēlē Has Launched!
Frēlē is based on this groundbreaking 4 point pledge of openness and transparency.  We encourage all of our competitors to embrace it.

It took us a few years to make Leasebreak the #1 NYC short term rental marketplace.  So how does Frēlē become #1 in the 12 month rental market? In my view, Frēlē only becomes #1 if it is:

1. An extremely transparent marketplace
2. A place where the experts (i.e. real estate agents) are an integral part of the process

After all, what all of these listings portals fail to realize is this:

Without your content (i.e. your listings) they are nothing.  Literally, nothing.

This is why the idea of having a “pay to play” scheme to post your listing, or, worse, selling off “leads” from listings to the highest bidder is unbelievably upsetting, unethical, and mark my words, a FAILING BUSINESS MODEL.

Imagine if a listings marketplace was exactly the opposite of that.

On April 10th, we shared this 4 point pledge of transparency and openness which has formed the basis for our new website Frēlē.  Hundreds have shared the pledge and we gave them early access to the website. Thank you for all of the feedback. Now, the website Frēlē is live.

The NYC real estate marketplace is starting to flow “freely” again! Can you feel it? 🙂

But PLEASE continue to provide feedback.  There is a purple feedback button on every page of  Please use it! Frele will be constantly evolving, always striving for perfection. We can’t do this without you!

How Can You Use Frēlē and Leasebreak? How Do They Compare?
Click this link to see the differences between Frēlē and Leasebreak and how you can use both websites.  While both websites get traffic for all kinds of rentals, Leasebreak gets extraordinary traffic for short term rentals, leasebreaks and shares.  In fact, almost every single agent and landlord tells us they get more traffic on Leasebreak for their short term listings than StreetEasy.  Oh, and we are FREE!

Frēlē will be focused more on the 12 month rental market, and probably eventually sales.

Together, let’s restore transparency to New York City Real Estate!


Philip Horigan is the founder of - a leading marketplace for rentals in NYC, founded in 2013. He launched Frēlē - a more comprehensive NYC rental marketplace - in May 2018 with a 4 point pledge ( Phil has been a New York City real estate agent for 14 years working for some of the top firms in the city. He became an independent broker in early 2017 so that he can focus more on his entrepreneurial endeavors. Phil believes strongly in building businesses in an ethical and transparent way.

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