What is FlowFreely?

FlowFreely is where I write about real estate, business, negotiating techniques and books that I have recently read.  Each week I try to write about three things that I read, saw, or heard that really added value to my life.  And I hope they can add value to yours.

Here is where the name “Flowfreely” came from:

Initially, this newsletter started out as blog, and a way for me to share ideas about some egregious actions that StreetEasy (owned by Zillow) was taking with NYC agents in 2017 and 2018.  My idea was that the NYC residential real estate market should “flow as freely” as possible. That is, it should be extremely transparent and it should be free for everyone to list and view properties for rent.

You can see all of the older articles about StreetEasy and what they did on this blog as well.

From this effort spawned a new transparent “free flowing” website for apartments for rent, called Frele which still operates. This is in addition to my more popular real estate listings website Leasebreak.

Phil Horigan